Investment Management

Each account is individually managed.

      When Lennox Financial agrees to take on the management of an account, an investment policy is agreed upon before anything else happens. You can specify the broker/dealer that trades will be placed through, and you can set the risk parameters as well as place limits on the types of allowable investments. The job of Lennox Financial is to produce the best possible return within the guidelines set by the client.
      The philosophy of Lennox Financial is that value will prevail in the long run. Asset allocation is the single most important determinant of performance. We avoid fads and ideas generated from yesterday's news in favor of forward looking macroeconomic probabilities. Risk is controlled through active management and diversification.
      If you are interested in our services, we encourage you to contact us directly. It is difficult to make meaningful generic statements when we strive to serve clients on an individual basis. To learn more, see our brochure which is a disclosure statement in compliance with the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commisssion.
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