If you cannot predict what lies ahead, you cannot benefit from opportunity and you cannot  protect against catastrophe.


Prediction.jpg       Prediction is an essential tool for a successful life.  Good prediction is also central to successful investing.  The decision of where to invest, when to invest, and when to take profits depends on predicting the future value of a current asset.  Lennox Financial is unique in its use of Complexity Theory to measure value and predict outcomes.  Our goal is to align the interests of our clients with the predicted probabilities.




hand.jpg            The investigation of cause and effect has limited application when modeling many of the complex systems found in our world. The immense variety of variables creates a complexity that seems to defy prediction, yet there is order in nature; and analysis of complex systems can reveal that order and allow us to make useful probabilistic predictions.

            At the heart of every major decision you make in your life lies a forecast of the consequences of that decision.  Prediction is embedded in almost everything we do.  Why then would anyone abdicate all control over their financial future and follow conventional advice to passively cast oneself adrift in the chaos of the stock market?   Unless you truly believe that the financial markets are entirely random, passively buying a fund and holding indefinitely is a suboptimal strategy.  Lennox Financial believes in disciplined dynamic investment management that is designed to enhance profits and protect against losses.  Let us show you how this is possible.